Wednesday 12 October 2011

A room fit for a boy.....

I seem to see so many lovely, pretty things perfect for a little girl's room but when searching for my little boy's room I did struggle.

I like bold, bright colours and wanted the same for my little boys room – no pastels here please!

So here are some of the best bits of what I found for a fab and fun boy's room without breaking the bank and even some DIY ideas.

This chair is so very cool and great as it can be stored flat when you need it out of the way.

This can be found on the Rockett St George website, which also has these great wall transfer letters.

At just £5 a letter these could make a really fun feature wall. A cheaper option is to buy 3D cardboard letters from Hobbycraft and paint them.

Bunting can be made to order so you can keep the theme or colours going in the room, here is some I made to order for a little boy called Daniel's room, which as you can see is also personalised.
I love some of the more modern wallpaper available, which would be great for just one feature wall of fun!
These two are my absolute favourites:
Rush Hour Wallpaper
Penguin Wallpaper

Another really fun idea is to paint a wall or part of a wall with blackboard paint, which costs £11.49 for a 750ml can. You can make it look neater by just painting a shape or speech bubble or even use a frame without the glass to frame the painted area. I love this idea as it's great to be able to add areas where kids can put their own stamp on their room. The paint is also available magnetic so you can add colourful fridge magnet letters and use it to display paintings and party invitations.

Adding a moon and stars and some white shelving is another great way to break up the black wall and add even more fun!

Brilliant Lego storage that's practical and can also be stacked.

Lego Storage

I couldn't let you go without a little something vintage. Hard to get hold of and they can be a bit pricey but a vintage flip top desk is a great edition to a boy's room. Add a bright colour to update them.

Love Lemon x


  1. I love the blackboard painted wall idea! How fab!

  2. I have longed after a blackboard wall for a while. One day! x