Wednesday 29 January 2014

Ikea Stockholm

I wanted to share a favourite collection of mine, I like to pick and choose a selection of different pieces when furnishing my home and as most of you know I love to add vintage pieces, however the new IKEA STOCKHOLM collection that was launched in 2013 for me is simply spot on. A well designed high end range of pieces that can be mixed and matched and all work great together. I love to add colour in subtle ways using lamps, cushions and throws and I like the way the bright green and yellow sneak in.

Love Lemon x

Thursday 16 January 2014

Carley's Yard

Firstly I would like to welcome a sponsor on Love Lemon - Carley's Yard. It's great to start working with people and businesses that share my passions and I was very excited about this shop opening in Framlingham, Suffolk. Lots of people had told me about it and I was desperate to stop by. Well, I certainly was not disappointed. The building is beautiful and, inside, the exposed brick and wooden beams are the absolute perfect backdrop for some fabulous artwork by local artists, dramatic upcycled lamps and fantastic vintage and antique furniture. Not to mention the many handmade cards, jewellery, books and gifts.
Retro cool below; I could have bought the whole arrangement – perfect styling.
Some amazing reupholstered chairs
I fell in love with this beautiful leather bag with vintage fabric lining made locally by Nienke Jongsma at Vandertas:
Carley's Yard is also a stockist of Chalk Paint (TM) decorative paint by Annie Sloan for all your furniture painting projects. All colours are stocked and testers available. I can't wait to use this myself and it's great to have a stockist nearby.

Love Lemon x

Sunday 12 January 2014


I think I must of been around 9 or 10 years old when I got my first Polaroid camera. I loved it. Instant fun photos. I'm not sure what happened to that camera. Later I bought a Joycam which again was a lot of fun at university. Recently I found a Polaroid Land Camera in a local vintage shop. There were other Polaroid cameras too and I kept walking past the shop and admiring them all. The land camera 500 reminded me of my first Polaroid camera. I decided to buy it and hoped it would still work. It came in it's original box with an unopened box of very old film and a flash. I checked the film but as I had guessed it didn't work. In 2008 a team of people started The Impossible Project, a project creating new instant film for old cameras. I bought some online and as it was a beautiful sunny day here yesterday it seemed the perfect opportunity to try it out. 
Photo development takes some time and the photos need to be kept in darkness for best results. I am so pleased with how they turned out.
Not perfect but a reminder of how photos once looked. They feel special. 

I can't wait to take more.

Love Lemon x