Tuesday 15 March 2016

Kitchen Colour

As usual things have been busy around here. I have 2 boys so let's face it there isn't going to be too many dull moments. Christmas and the start of a new year all flying by and here we are in March! At the start of this year I began to think about this blog and whether it was something I should keep doing and find the time to do more. I love blogging but it can be hard to fit in on a regular basis. However this blog along with Pinterest, Instagram and my scrapbook are all such great places to fill with ideas and inspiration.

Ages ago I was invited along to a talk by Interior Stylist and writer Joanna Thornhill who with Dulux talked through how to choose colours for our homes. You can read about that here.

A few of us bloggers attending were asked to bring some colour inspiration and a project in mind that we could discuss. I chose to take a vintage tea cup that had the most amazing turquoise blue colour. I decided it would be an amazing colour for my table legs and chairs in my kitchen. 

Ok so it's taken me a long time to do this but since then I have moved house and my kitchen table has changed but I still loved the idea of using this blue colour that was provided by the lovely people at Dulux. 

So here it is. A very small change to this table. It was once untreated wood and used as a desk but I cleaned it up, varnished the top and then added the blue. I love the pops of colour appearing in our kitchen. We use this table so much as its in our sunny kitchen and such a nice place to hang out.

A close up of my inspiration for the colour from my vintage tea set:
These chairs were £3 each from a charity shop. I cleaned them up and added new seat pads which I recovered in a matt oilcloth so they could be easily cleaned. You can see the chair legs before they were painted here too.

I hope that the promise of Spring is inspiring some of you to get painting!

Love Lemon x