Wednesday 19 October 2011

Going, going....gone!

This week has been all about vintage, retro and antiques. Lovely stuff!

I do love a teapot, I really liked the retro print one in the middle
I went along to the auction house near where I live for my first taste of an auction. The first step is to go at the weekend and have a look at everything that will be up for sale the following Monday. Everything is laid out in these huge barns and numbered. You collect a catalogue and make a note of anything you want to bid on.
The colours and design were so pretty on this dinner set
There were so many interesting things to look at: old cameras, sewing machines, typewriters, record players and lots of furniture including some lovely retro sideboards and 1940s wardrobes. So much to see; almost too much to take in really. I have always liked vintage furniture but it was lovely to see the mechanical and early electronic pieces too – none of these sleek modern pieces of plastic with their hidden mechanisms.  The Singer sewing machine was just beautiful – if only I had somewhere to put such things.
What a great old Philips record player
So. Monday came and I settled myself in front of the auctioneer's stand worried I was a bit small and might not be seen. I then suddenly became aware that any move I made might be seen and taken as a bid. I tried my best to be still and study the action around me. It was good fun to watch and all happened so quickly. When it came to items I wanted to bid for I became incredibly nervous. I tried to copy what I'd seen from the other, mostly male, auction goers around me and managed to pick up a retro formica table and two chairs for a fiver and a cute chair for my little boy! I was thrilled. I am going again next week for a much needed wardrobe.

The great thing is that every week there are different items for sale and different people bidding, so you just don't know what will take your eye and you might be up against!

Very exciting stuff and I can't wait to go back. I think my husband is worried I might spend a small fortune!

Here is the Formica table and 2 chairs I bought for just £5!

There are auction rooms across the country, why not see where your nearest one is and see what you can find. Please add your stories/auction rooms below.
Love Lemon x


  1. After seeing this I might try an auction, there are so many retro buts and pieces that I am looking for my house! I was afraid of misjudging prices and being disappointed tho.

    (Btw I can't comment using my self hosted blog - so I have to comment via blogger)

  2. Try it. I didn't have a clue what I was in for but I'm glad I just had a go. I did miss out on a couple of things. I think you need to keep a price in mind for each item but honestly some things go for a lot and had quite a bit of interest and other things went for a few quid! It's just unpredictable x

  3. Sounds amazing Katy! Will look and see if there's one near me x

  4. You should. Nice to paint or add your own touches to pieces too x

  5. This looks so much fun! And you're from the UK too which make it realistic =) I'm totally going to get myself down to an auction room now. You have a really sweet blog x

  6. Thanks Nikki. It is fun and great to find/see some interesting vintage treasures. I hope you get to go one day. Thanks for the comment, I'm glad you like the blog x

  7. Hey this sounds really fun! I'm going to find out what there is local to me :)

  8. I can't wait to have a home so I can go to auctions and find really neat things, I have a VERY soft spot for old cameras!!!

  9. There is something about old cameras. They had 2 boxes of them at this auction selling for about £40 each x

  10. Do find one Love in the Nest and good luck! x

  11. I love auctions - I always fall in love with things though and have to tear myself away!

  12. I found it hard to have a limit of what I wanted to spend and stick to it. I lost out on quite a few things but you win some you lose some!