Monday 6 February 2012

Pinterest Challenge

Last week I looked into the details for the Pinterest Challenge on Kerry's blog and loved the idea!

It's nice to see what other people are making and challenging myself to have a go at something new. Have a look here at what others are up to.

I decided to make these fabric fortune cookies that I saw on the Molly Makes website and pinned up on my Lemon Loves.... Pinterest board. I look at Pinterest daily searching for ideas and inspiration for craft projects, interiors and vintage and well anything really.

I thought these fortune cookies were such a simple but cute idea, I thought they would be nice to make lots for a party or even a wedding favour.

Here is the one I pinned:

Here are mine:

I also looked up some words of wisdom to put inside my fortune cookies, a few I liked:

Accept something that you cannot change, and you will feel better

Believe in yourself and others will too

And one for the Pinaddicts challenge:

Don't just think, act!

Love Lemon x

Thursday 2 February 2012

Living Space - Interior Inspirations

I'm feeling in the mood to reorganise and look at improvements I can make to our home. We have only lived here for six months and every so often wherever we live I like to have a move around or try to look at things with fresh eyes to see where things could be improved. I enjoy it. I like making my home nice and I think the way you live in a place changes over time. There are pieces of furniture that I would like to replace but for now I want to look at the smaller details and spend 2012 adding some more colour and personality to my home. First I am going to concentrate on the living/dining room area where we spend most of our time as a family.

This year I am hoping to…
1. Paint the dining room chairs and table legs - I'm thinking about a bright turquoise colour.
2. I have a large wall in the living room, for which I am hoping to buy some vintage travel posters (featured here) of places we have been to.
3. I want to make some new cushions. Colours/patterns to be decided but I am thinking no two will be the same. 
4. I want to find a vintage cabinet/bookcase that could store some of our much loved books for the living room.
5. Re-paint the chest I recently bought for toy storage.
6. Make some new curtains for the living room.
7. Buy a new vintage lamp for the corner of the living room.

I also wanted to work out a clear colour palette to use and keep me focused.

I created my own board on Pinterest using a selection of images and colour palettes from Design Seeds  –  which I found so inspiring. Take a look at my board below or click on the Pinterest button on the right side.

Of course if I had a lot of cash for these things life would be easier but it's more fun this way and any excuse to get back to those auction rooms!

The following words best describe how I want to living space to be:
Cosy and comfortable
Bright and fun
Full of memories

Here is the chest I bought recently for £25 at a great place in Thorpeness. It's great for toy storage and the front slides closed so you can put things on the top without removing them every time you want to get into it. I do feel it needs a bit of colour and updating. I haven't decided on what to do with it yet though. Perhaps a light mocha colour similar to one of the ones from the colour palettes.

I will keep you updated and please add links to any interior design projects of your own or any ideas you have! I would love to hear about them.

Love Lemon x