Thursday 25 August 2011

Week 1

Apart from the obvious of unpacking and getting settled in the new house, in our first week here highlights include attending a wedding just down the road, baking bread and checking out one of the local restaurants. Oh and being without a buggy for the best part of a week! So I haven't been able to explore too far just yet but there has been plenty of boring things to do at home. I am pleased to say the slight unease that I first felt at living in a rather rural village has faded. Now I just feel like we live in a lovely village that has everything you need and we have to drive to get to other lovely places. Which then brings me to my next must do - learn to drive!!! I cannot believe I can get to the age of 30 and not drive. I think the best part of being here has been using the garden, whether it be playing with my little boy, putting out washing or sitting with a glass of wine on a sunny evening. I love it.
PS. The spiders and wasps are still everywhere!
Love Lemon x

Monday 22 August 2011

5 Things...

5 things I Love about the country...
1. A house, with stairs and a garden!
2. My little boys reaction to his garden
3. Our lovely little village and amazing surrounding scenery
4. My kitchen....I was baking bread on the 3rd day of being here. Love it.
5. No traffic

5 things that will take some getting used to...
1. The silence - I never knew London was even that loud
2. Spiders! They are everywhere
3. No H&M
4. Really slow internet
5. How amazing it feels to be here

Friday 12 August 2011


As I slowly start to pack up our flat I realise that suddenly the flat goes from a safe place where all valuables and small objects likely to be eaten are up high or put away to a complete danger zone! If I was a bit quicker perhaps I could pack everything in newspaper and get it sealed in a box away from the sticky hands of my toddler but no, there seems to be random stuff everywhere! I need to sort through piles and wrap things and all this seems pointless when I turn around to find my little boy tugging at newspaper and then glasses spiraling across the room. I need a better plan, ok so during nap time I will get the packing done at ease and pace. Oh no wait this week Jake has decided that he would like to a. change his routine b. be carried everywhere c. will not listen to the word no. Mmmmmmm..........I think I will just head to the pub. Thank god for the refurbishment job on the pub at the end of my road, they have an entire area dedicated to children and an entire area filled with win!