Tuesday 24 March 2015

1 Shade of Grey

Here are the promised snaps of our new living room. 

We still have lots we would like to do, as you can see we have lots of bare walls. I am trying to decide where to put pictures and I have my eye on the perfect shelves for one of the alcoves. I am pleased with how it is taking shape. 
The grey walls look so different in different lights.
We absolutely love the 'steel grey 2' colour we chose from Dulux, its a perfect neutral colour. We have then added our colourful pieces and some wicker and wood to soften the slate around the wood burner. We plan to add more colours on the wall with our pictures and I am also planning to add some shelves for more of our vintage treasures. 

50 Shades of Grey seems to have brought out a new found love for the actual colour! Its a great choice for a neutral backdrop and there are so many shades to choose from. 

I really like the grey sheepskin rug and cosy blanket that add some texture and comfort to the room. I really don't think you can have enough blankets. 

What do you think?

Love Lemon x

please note that the paint was given to me by Dulux, all thoughts are my own.

Monday 9 March 2015

I'm here!

Hello, I'm back!
It really has been far too long. However I promise I have lots of excuses that are actually exciting and lots to come....

I never like to talk much about selling/buying as it never quite seems real until you have some keys in your hand. Last year we decided to sell our London flat that we had been renting out and finally settle in Suffolk by the sea. It feels like it has taken forever but I am sat typing this in my new home. We moved just over a week ago and apart from many illnesses taking us all down at some point it went fairly smoothly.

It's exciting for us after 5 years of renting to have a home to call our own and for that home to be as a family. Our boys really seem to love it here.

We even had a few days before moving to do some decorating. So thanks to family looking after the boys for us me and the mr got painting. I mostly just do as I'm told as the mr is a lot more knowledgable about painting and decorating after a brief stint working with his brother in law. He knows some good tricks of the trade but is also a perfectionist. Let's just say I was allowed to paint the downstairs toilet and not much else! 

We did also have carpet put down in the front room which was a last minute decision after we saw how tired it looked and how much easier it would be to get done with the house empty.

So before we did the big move we had managed to paint the hallway, front room, dining room, the back bedroom, downstairs toilet and paint over a bright pink wall in our bedroom. Pretty much all the rooms we felt needed it. It feels like so long since I have painted my home and made decisions about what I want rather than adapting to fit with the rented room decor. 

I had decided a while back that the neutral colour would be grey and then 50 Shades of Grey was released and Dulux sent promotional info coinciding with the films release. I was then offered some paint for our new home. Just send us the grey shade you would like they said. Well that sounds like an easy decision to make but with so many to choose from it did take a while. Luckily we have a Homebase in walking distance from our rented home so I could keep popping to the Dulux Mixlab to have a look at different shades. I finally decided on 'grey steel 2' mainly because it wasn't too dark but was definitely grey. A perfect back drop to my furniture and style. 

The front room and dining room are definitely rooms that need attention to get them looking complete and how we want them. I will be busy these next few weeks making some decisions to get our style right which I feel has already changed since we moved. So a few new purchases for practical storage and some for the fun styling part.

So keep an eye out for some photos of what we have done so far. I would love to hear what you think so I'm hoping for lots of comments.

Love Lemon x