Wednesday 27 July 2016

Garden Update

I've been eyeing up lots of bamboo furniture on Instagram, what had once been old fashioned conservatory furniture was suddenly stylish patio lounging! I often see it for sale in local charity shops so I had a look around and found a set that had just come in and was in such great condition. So for £60 I got 2 armchairs, a footstool and a sofa! Bargain!

I have wanted some outdoor comfy seats for a while, to put on the small patio just outside the french doors, these bamboo chairs seemed like the perfect fit.

As you can see they had a slightly chintzy flower pattern:
Comfortable but not really my style! So I dyed the bottom cushion covers navy, I am so impressed with how they turned out. I was contemplating spray painting the bamboo but I really like how it looks.

Love Lemon x