Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vintage Find of the Week

No of course I don't NEED this footstool but goodness I wanted it. So retro and cool. I picked it up at a local shop for a tenner. I was pretty chuffed. I scrubbed it clean and stuck the fluffy cover in the washing machine. I can't decide whether to dye the cover, make a new one or keep it as is. 

I love nothing more than finding individual bits and pieces, things that I love that add character to our home.

This room isn't exactly how I want it just yet. We use this room as a hallway and dining room (when we have lots of people). We have storage under the stairs so I try to stash things out of the way. I wanted to create a little chilled out corner/reading nook next to the record player and bookshelves. Its a nice place to sit and looks out into the garden.

It's a good idea if you are still working out what to do with a room to focus on an area/corner or a piece of furniture in the room to start with and work from there. 

What are your finds of the week?

Love Lemon x

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Most Finished Room in the House (still not finished)

I don't know about you but it sure is taking me a while to feel like much is finished around here. I suppose it would be ok if I didn't have the urge to change absolutely EVERYTHING. Also if I had a lot of cash then I might not be over a year down the line and still feeling like I have a massive list of jobs to be done and furniture to be bought.

The thing is when interior design is a huge love of yours its hard to settle. When we moved into this house nothing was really done how I would of done it myself. We did a lot of painting and freshening up before we moved in and after living here we then moved bits around to suit the way we live. Its actually a really good idea to just live somewhere for a few months or more before making decisions on new furniture and where things should go.

It was interesting to me to see how we use the spaces in this house. For example, we have a dining room but as the kitchen is such a sunny, warm room we always want to eat in there so we replaced the smaller kitchen table with a bigger table and it works a lot better.

The living room is the room that feels the most completed. I would like to replace the sofa in the bay window and get some shutters but for now its looking so much cosier than when we first moved in. I have added a new throw and cushion to freshen the old sofa for now until we can replace it.

I LOVE colour in my home. In this room I have pops of colour in the cushions, pictures, throw and a few other accessories. I stuck to yellow, orange, green and turquoise. All very vibrant colours that work together with the neutral grey on the walls, the dark brown sofa and the black and white patterned rug.

This room is now the perfect place to hang out as a family and watch movies in the evening.

I am especially pleased with my copper lamp from Made and pop art sunset picture (Roy Lichtenstein). I got both for my birthday and I think they are perfect additions to add vintage style and colour to this room.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, please share your links if you have recently blogged about your own room updates. I would love to check them out.

Love Lemon x