Monday 31 October 2011

Baking and Making

A very busy weekend this time, spent with my family. Feeling very refreshed and relaxed today. This morning I am off to the auction to see what treasures they have. I keep seeing a caravan for sale and dream about doing it up. I loved this campervan makeover on Junkaholique

This weekend I made some heart shaped scones (I don't have a round cutter!!), which were of course served with jam and clotted cream - amazing! So easy to make, here is a recipe from Delia

My sister in law got me these great vintage milk bottles with adverts on, bought in an antiques shop in East Dulwich.
I also really like old vintage sweetie jars and these mini milk bottles are really sweet
Dotcomgiftshop sell these 6 bottles for £8.95

This week I also had a play with some washi tape, I know I am completely behind the times with this, however I think it's brilliant stuff! Such a cheap way to add your own detail, my plain white jug from Ikea looked so much nicer with this patterned blue tape:

There are lots of ideas out there for Washi tape, Super Lovely have some great tutorials. I tried their idea of using Washi tape on pegs, a very simple idea but I think I will make a load of these for Christmas cards to be pegged around the house:

Right I must go and make some Halloween cupcakes and carve my pumpkin!

Love Lemon x


  1. those look sooooo good!!!

  2. oh sweet lord.... go look at my 'Caption saturday' on my blog from last saturday. im so embarrassed i could cry. CRY real tears :) xx

  3. Haha! Sorry so late with this Kerry. Just seen....great minds and all that. Love it x