Sunday 8 April 2018


I'm back. 

It's been a long time and a LOT has happened. Having young children means family life just takes over sometimes and for such a long time I have been being mum to my 2 boys.

Well, I'm back and my boys are 5 and 8 and although I'm working I am slowly getting more time back for my self and my interests which include this blog and interiors!

Thankfully I have had plenty of interior design projects and of course Instagram and Pinterest to give me that fix of interior design. 

I have moved house and taken on a renovation project with an extension, bathroom refit and brand new kitchen. This amount of work and decision has given me so much pleasure - not mentioning the mess! I have truly enjoyed working out how everything in our home will look and work for us as a family. 

I am looking forward to sharing everything with you.

Love Lemon x

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