Monday 19 September 2016

Plywood Party

I would like to take a minute and a blog post to express some appreciation for Plywood! Yep you heard me right. Ever since I saw this material feature on an episode of "The House that 100k Built' which was a great series by the way, I have been researching homes that are using plywood in a variety of ways. I like the way it looks and its cheap! It's made from layers of wood sliced into sheets and compressed together. It is incredibly strong but perhaps a Marmite love or hate situation. Exposed edges mean you can see the layers of wood. I personally think this adds a lot of character but some may feel this looks less solid and cheap in comparison to solid wood.

The use of Plywood is not something new, it was used most famously in the 1950's to make the Eames Lounge chair and ottoman which today is iconic with modern style design.

I have been looking at some modern homes and how they have used Plywood.
 From Made Architects 
 Marieke's Modern Industrial Home on Homes to Love

I discovered Unto This Last who started in 2001 with their open workshop in Brick Lane. A place to make and sell. Using birch plywood to make beautiful furniture of simple, elegant design. 

Carpenter Tom Lindfield has been using Plywood to make bespoke units. He uses birch plywood for its swirling grain pattern and suggests picking out your own sheets so you can choose the patterns you like as every sheet is different. I have been following his work on Instagram, and loving how versatile this material appears to be.
Heres is some of Tom's fantastic work, for more information you can email Tom on who is based in the Cambridge area.

Please share below any plywood projects, I would love to take a look.

Love Lemon x

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