Monday 17 October 2011

My One Day to Myself....

I took this photo a few weeks ago, I love living closer to the sea

My day would go something like this....

....scrambled eggs and coffee for breakfast sitting outside one of the little restaurants in St Christophers place watching the world go by. A browse around the shops, maybe picking up some lovely haberdashery and fabric in Libertys and some vintage finds from Kingly Court.

Then head out to the Suffolk countryside, stopping at the beach to sit on the sand dunes with a picnic of parma ham, olives and crusty bread and a nice glass of red as I watch the sunshine twinkle on the sea.

Then to a country spa resort for a facial and massage and relaxing swim in the pool. Heading up to my luxury hotel room to relax with a book for an hour before ordering some steak for dinner to have while watching a film I haven't seen yet like Bridesmaids. Finished off with a nice glass of wine on the balcony looking out to the stars.

Thanks to Brit Mums for this blog prompt.

Love Lemon x

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