Wednesday 7 September 2011

The beginning...

Here I begin my blog where I will mainly talk about the ups and downs of being a full time mum, starting my own small business and moving from London to the country.

The moving part is a little bit scary for me. Apart from a small stint at uni in the midlands I have always lived in London. I love and hate it. I love the buildings, parks, Soho, restaurants and the shops. I hate the expense and sheer lack of space. Unless you have a LOT of money London is a hard place to live. For those reasons my family have decided to try country living. I'm not suggesting we are going to live out in the sticks, wear wellies and have horses but a small town, friendly people, nice schools and a house - yes a full house with a garden would be the dream!

Follow my journey.....will the country life be for us? How will Love Lemon the business grow?

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