Monday 19 September 2011

Back to School

Today I am keeping busy, I made some soup, took my little boy to his first dentist appointment, did a little shopping, put some washing on the line, did some gardening and now this blog post....I am feeling nervous and trying to distract myself and not make it a big deal but tonight I start my sewing course at the local school.

The last time I did a course was in February which isn't too long ago but that was just 2 evenings of crochet. This is a 10 week course on home furnishings and dressmaking. I wanted to build my sewing skills and meet new people in the area.

My pre conceptions of the class is that I will be the only one there under 50 and the teacher will be mean and strict and I will get all in a fluster trying to keep up. I don't know why I think this!

I am excited to learn some new things and be able to ask some questions about things I want to make but not exactly sure the best way to make them. However I am shy - yes If my friends are reading this they may laugh but around strangers I get shy and nervous and always have done. I hate that new person starting school feeling.

I always see old sewing paper patterns, there are tons in my local charity shop and love the drawings and old dress designs (well some of them). So hopefully this course will help me to make my own clothes using these patterns!

So wish me luck! I promise you will be the first to know if I am being bullied by any elderly ladies or if I make an absolute fool out of myself in front of the whole class!

Love Lemon x

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  1. Oh wow! Good luck with the patterns, I SO want a dress like that. :)