Thursday 25 August 2011

Week 1

Apart from the obvious of unpacking and getting settled in the new house, in our first week here highlights include attending a wedding just down the road, baking bread and checking out one of the local restaurants. Oh and being without a buggy for the best part of a week! So I haven't been able to explore too far just yet but there has been plenty of boring things to do at home. I am pleased to say the slight unease that I first felt at living in a rather rural village has faded. Now I just feel like we live in a lovely village that has everything you need and we have to drive to get to other lovely places. Which then brings me to my next must do - learn to drive!!! I cannot believe I can get to the age of 30 and not drive. I think the best part of being here has been using the garden, whether it be playing with my little boy, putting out washing or sitting with a glass of wine on a sunny evening. I love it.
PS. The spiders and wasps are still everywhere!
Love Lemon x


  1. Welcome to my favourite county, not that I'm biased!!

    If it's any consolation I'm 35 and still cannot drive yet. It's a long story but I won't be able to learn for another 2-3 years. Thank goodness for public transport, that's all I can say!


  2. Thanks, it is beautiful - if a little rainy today!

    I looked at a bus timetable yesterday and saw that the bus comes every 2 hours! That's gonna take some getting used to!

    Hopefully meet up soon x