Thursday 15 September 2011

Handbag Contents

I saw people doing this on flickr and thought it was a great idea but first can I just say thanks so much for popping over to my new blog and I hope you enjoy it. Please do join me (using the tab on the left next to this text) and become a member so I can see all the lovely people that enjoy what I have to say/share on here. Ta very muchly xx

I loved being able to nosy at other people's handbag contents, it's like a little story about who that person is.

So here is mine.

My bag is a very bright Marc Jacobs bag that I got for my 30th birthday this year. I absolutely love it! I was so desperate to have a nice bag of my own after carrying around a nappy bag for so long! I don't have to carry much around for my little boy anymore but there is a handy pocket for a nappy or 2.

1. Blue and white mini toy car - something to amuse my little boy, I tend to find cars or old mobile phones in bags/pockets for him.
2. Camera - Sometimes a photo says it better
3. Hairband - I found 2 in there and can never find one when I need one!
4. iphone - basically I can't live without it
5. Benefit concealer pencil - I used to carry a lot more make up with me but now I'm just down to this!
6. Vaseline - who doesn't have this in their bag?
7. Chewing gum
8. Keys - with my lovely Harrods heart keyring my mum bought me years ago
9. Love Hearts - I have no idea why they were in there but I got them at a wedding a few weeks ago
10. Purse - I love this purse which my brother and sister in law got me for Christmas last year
11. Pad and pen - for ideas for my blog, website etc. I love the pen as I bought it for my wedding guest book
12. Umbrella - a must have!

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