Sunday 2 September 2012

Craft Projects Sep 12

This weekend I have been working on completing a few craft projects on my list. Of course there are always more ideas and projects floating around my head but for now I am going to relax before baby comes and it may be some time before I get a chance to dust off the sewing machine again while I get to grips with being a mum of 2!

This week I have also been doing lots of washing of tiny clothes and blankets ready for baby too.
My first project was to complete some bunting I wanted to put up in the dining area, I decided against curtains as I love looking out onto the garden and we aren't overlooked but the window needed something and I really like the colour the bunting adds:
I then made a cushion for the sofa bed in the boys room after finding this great moped fabric. I did the back in a bright red with white stars. My little boy seems to love it:
I know I promised a tutorial on how to make cushion covers. I will get around to it but for now this is a good one to use Cushion Cover Tutorial.

I know some of you will of seen this already, I was so pleased to take part in this months Style at Home magazine, I made a few comments and tips on some of the articles and had a little photo in there, it was really nice to have my name in print and give some advice and comments on interiors. I would love to do more.

Love Lemon x


  1. I am about to start making some bunting any day now. I just need to finalise the fabric I'm using and there's a particular kind of cord I want.
    Your bunting looks so lovely and really suits where you've put it.

    The cushion cover is amazing too! I love the fabric.

    Well done with your magazine piece. You should be so proud of yourself xx

    1. I do love bunting! Let me know if you need any help with yours. I used colours that are in the dining area and kitchen which look great, that's the best thing about making these things yourself - you get exactly the colours/patterns you want.

      I was so pleased to find cool boys fabric.

      Thanks Lauren, I am super pleased to be involved and had so much love and support from friends for doing it.

      Send me a photo of your finished bunting won't you?! Or better still blog and put the link on here xx