Thursday 27 September 2012

Vintage Market Sep 12

A few weeks back now I went to yet another great vintage market here in Suffolk, this time in Woodbridge. It was such a lovely sunny day to browse the stalls.
I bought 2 items pretty soon after I arrived. A bright red vanity case, with gorgeous purple lining in great condition.
I also bought this vintage metal tray, I really liked the pretty floral pattern and although I was originally looking for a square tray this actually goes well in the corner of my kitchen.

I wanted to share a few tips on vintage shopping that I like to follow, I hope these are helpful...

1. Have an idea in your head of some items you need/want for your home before you go to any markets/shops. I could so easily get carried away with ornaments and fabric when what I really need is some storage or a mirror.
2. There are a variety of prices for vintage items, I always have a budget and try my best to stick to it.
3. Check for marks/stains etc. Vintage items are used and can have some marks and signs of ware and for me this adds to the character but be sure to check that it's not too worn or marked for your liking.
4. Check sizes of furniture/curtains/fabric/mirrors so that they fit in the space you have in mind. I made the mistake of not measuring up for some curtains I needed meaning I missed out on a great vintage pair recently. If you want to make something with vintage fabric then have an idea of how much you need. For example for a cushion a 45cmx45cm would be enough for a 40cm cushion and you could also use a plain fabric for the back if there isn't enough.

Let me know of any great finds and markets you have been to recently.

Love Lemon x


  1. Some really useful tips here and some great finds :) xx

  2. I love the bright red vanity case!

    I'm still kicking myself about the suitcase I didn't buy recently. It was only £15, great condition, but for some reason I didn't buy it.

    I love your tips too xx

    1. Keep an eye out for another, there are always lovely cases at these markets. We should meet and go to the Christmas one together x