Sunday 19 August 2012

Quirky Interiors

On our recent week away to Norfolk we stayed in a friend of a friends house. The house was packed full of nick nacks and themed rooms, vintage wallpaper, fabrics, mirrors and prints on the wall and bright colours. Every surface full of odds and ends, stones from the beach, vintage ornaments, handcrafted items and candles. Even the kitchen had a bright red vintage oven and retro shelving units. It was inspiring but also very manic!

It got me thinking about interiors and quirky styles. For me the house was a nice holiday home and I loved some bits, particularly the Paddington Bear bedding in the kids rooms that was exactly the same as I used to have as a kid, however I'm not really sure I could live there full time?

I have always been a bit of a tidy freak, I like things to have a place and I don't like clutter. However I love pretty vintage things and lots of colour and I feel like my style has changed a lot over the years. I wouldn't ever say I liked bare walls or sideboards but I always kept it limited to a few key pieces. Now I just want to fill my home with pretty colourful things, fill the walls with prints and bright colours and use fabrics and blankets to add texture and colour to sofas and armchairs. These days I find myself buying vintage or retro inspired items for my home that add a lot more colour and interest.
I love this poster inspired by vintage Scandinavian design by Jan Skacelik, you can buy this along with loads of other great posters from his Etsy shop.

The quirky house in Norfolk certainly got me thinking and inspired me not to be too concerned about clutter and think of all the pretty things and collected items along the way that can really make your home individual and unique. Pictures and photos of places once visited and people you love. Collected items that always make you smile. Handmade crochet blankets and bright fabric cushions that invite you onto the sofa.

Here are a few other inspiring interiors that I found online, firstly showing particular love for Danish design again:
Lots of colour, texture and prints on the wall, yet this room still looks fresh and everything perfectly placed. See more of this home from What We Do.

I also love the feeling of luxury and glamour in this vintage styled interior:

I saw these on Indecora online magazine, great quirky style and vintage pieces.

I also have a Vintage Interiors board on Pinterest where I collect inspiring photos.

Love Lemon x


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