Friday 12 August 2011


As I slowly start to pack up our flat I realise that suddenly the flat goes from a safe place where all valuables and small objects likely to be eaten are up high or put away to a complete danger zone! If I was a bit quicker perhaps I could pack everything in newspaper and get it sealed in a box away from the sticky hands of my toddler but no, there seems to be random stuff everywhere! I need to sort through piles and wrap things and all this seems pointless when I turn around to find my little boy tugging at newspaper and then glasses spiraling across the room. I need a better plan, ok so during nap time I will get the packing done at ease and pace. Oh no wait this week Jake has decided that he would like to a. change his routine b. be carried everywhere c. will not listen to the word no. Mmmmmmm..........I think I will just head to the pub. Thank god for the refurbishment job on the pub at the end of my road, they have an entire area dedicated to children and an entire area filled with win!

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