Sunday 25 September 2016

Summer Memories

The sun keeps on shining here in Suffolk so I feel like the summer isn't quite over but we are all back to school, nursery and work now. This summer has been one of my favourites so far. We have had so much sunshine. We went to our first festival as a family to Latitude and it was amazing, one of the best weekends that we all enjoyed. Live music, great food, friends, sunshine and camping. We also hired a beach hut and spent lots of time at the beach, eating our lunch and dinner down there. We visited the Isle of Wight for a long weekend with friends and it was such a good trip to a very beautiful island. Somewhere I have always wanted to visit. We saw family and friends and generally had a fantastic 6 weeks.

Of course I took lots of snaps on my phone and on our camera and shared lots of memories on my Instagram account. Here are a few of the best bits:
Our first family festival outing
The Family Campsite
My lovely friend Nicole married Gary, such a beautiful day!
The pink lady uni girls back together for the final wedding
Beautiful Isle of Wight - The Needles
We happen to be around for the Garlic Festival!
Bonusprint got in touch with me with some great tips for getting the most out of your phone snaps so you can be proud to print. I must admit and I am not the best at getting things printed but I think its a real shame. As a Christmas present a few years ago my husband made a book of photos from our first family holiday to France. I loved having it all there to look at. I would love to create one for summer or even just for Latitude as our first family festival.

Tips include things like not using a flash so it doesn't make your photo too bright and avoiding using a zoom when you can crop a photo later. For lots more useful tips to get the best quality shots click here. There is also a 30% off code to get you started.

I was given a gift voucher by Bonusprint to print a photo of my own. I wanted to create something a bit different and special for my bedroom. I chose a photograph I took one gorgeous evening of my local beach. I chose to print on wood, I really wasn't sure how this might look but I felt it was worth trying something new to review. I was so impressed when it arrived. It's my photo and it looks like a piece of art! The quality of the printing is superb and the wood really adds something special and works great with the beach photo. 

My bedroom is currently getting a refresh so this was the perfect addition, I will post soon once it is complete.

Love Lemon x

Thanks to Bonusprint for my gift voucher, please note all thoughts are my own.

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