Sunday 5 August 2012

Norfolk Holiday Thrifting


I hope everyone had a good week. We had a little holiday in Norfolk with family which was lovely. Mostly involving ice creams, BBQ's on the beach, huddling in the beach hut with cups of tea when it rained, visiting seaside towns in Norfolk and riding on the steam train. It was a nice relaxed week and I even spent some time checking out some great shops and doing a bit of thrifting. I'm always on the look out for a vintage treasure or 2!

So here are a few holiday snaps and my holiday thrifty finds:
The lovely Norfolk beach where we spent lots of time
The very pretty station at Sherringham and on the steam train.

We got the train to a lovely place called Holt, where we came across some great antique shops:
I bought a wicker basket, I have been after one for a while and wanted something big enough to store some of the babies sheets and blankets.
I also found this lovely vintage bag (£4) and dress (£7):
A vintage Laura Ashley skirt (£4)
I picked up these for £2 each at a carboot sale 

Love Lemon x


  1. Some interesting finds. Wicker baskets are a god send if you ask me!

  2. I love wicker baskets, great storage but often not very cheap. I have put all the moses basket sheets and baby blankets in there now, looks very sweet.

  3. We were in Sheringham 3 years ago. It's a lovely area, I'd love to go back, above all now I know about the antiques shop, what's the name? Hope you and bump are well

  4. Oooh lovely. Love the dress! Xx

  5. Sheringham is lovely! The antique shop is just called Holt Antiques and is in Holt town centre. Me and bump are doing well, getting rather big and heavy now, just 5 weeks to go!

    Thanks Lauren, I loved it so much and a nice treat for something to wear after pregnancy! Incentive to get back in shape too.

  6. You got some amazing bits! I should check out the shops there more. I love the dress and skirt especially.
    I love Sheringham too. We used to holiday/camp at Kelling Heath before we had children.

    1. The shops at Holt are definitely worth a look. I bought the dress, skirt and bag in a charity shop that had a whole vintage section. I think we may go camping there next time x

  7. Hello, thanks for following and lovely to discover your blog too.

    We visit Norfolk each summer and I love thrifting in places like Holt. You found some lovely things - lucky you! x

    1. hello!
      It's a really great place for thrifting isn't it?! I hope we will go more often as we did all enjoy it and loved the beaches and shopping. Thanks for the comment x