Monday 11 June 2012


I hope everyone had a lovely weekend. A pretty chilled one for us spending some time in the garden, sorting out the pots and patio, I did lots of sewing and we went swimming. I can finally say I have completed the 2 cushion cover projects! I had fabric and zips perfect for the job that seemed to sit in my sewing box for a good few months. I finally got around to making them, it's nice to see the pretty fabric out rather than hidden away in the office.

I bought this fabric as a fat quarter and loved the pattern and yellow colour. I decided to make it into a cushion and bought some plain yellow fabric from the same collection for the back.
I have had this fabric for over a year, I bought it as a scrap piece of Amy Butler fabric and it's so nice to finally make something with it.
It really is the easiest thing to make your own cushions, it means you can decide on the fabric you want and the size. I plan to make lots more and replace all the cushions on my sofa.

I am slowly making my way through the list of projects and ideas for my living/dining room. I posted about these here. I am adding ideas as I go along and using my colour palette board. I will write a post when I have done a few more things to show you the progress. Next on my list are curtains and finding the perfect fabric.

Lots more crafty projects to come on the blog this week!

Love Lemon x


  1. I guess you did these on a sewing machine? I don't have one but would love to do my own when I find pretty fabrics like yours

  2. Yes I did. I will try to do a tutorial very soon to show you how as a few people have asked. You could easily do it by hand it just takes a little longer and you would have to do a flap and buttons rather than a zip but it still means you can pick out some lovely fabric for it x

  3. Ooooo please write a tutorial. I'm hoping to make some cushions for both of my sons. Although I want to try and avoid zips.
    You're very talented x

  4. Thanks again Lauren, such lovely comments. I really need to find some time to do this tutorial and include with and without zip x