Monday 25 June 2012

Cool Stuff for Boys

I am searching again for cool, vibrant things for my little boys room. We are expecting another boy in September so the room will eventually be for them both to share. I wrote a post back in October with some boys room ideas. I wanted to re visit these ideas and look for more now that my little boy has moved to a bigger room and will have a brother to share it with.

I have lots of things to share with you and anyone like me struggling when it comes to boys and looking for more than just pale blue! 

I really liked the bright colours in this boys room, it was very inspiring and a great starting point for my search:
I particularly like the mix of so many different bright colours and the large print above the bed. I also love the blackboard table and stools. I couldn't find the table and stools online to buy but it would be so simple to buy some chalkboard paint and make one of you own. I wrote some information on chalkboard paint to use in this post back in October.

I like the name by the bed and think this is a great idea if you have 2 sharing, a name above each bed:
These name wall stickers are just £5 each letter.

There are so many wall stickers to choose from that really add some fun to kids bedrooms. I particularly like these ones:
Or a retro style framed picture, like this very sweet Lion print:
If you have the space inside or out these teepee's for kids are great, I know my little boy would love a den of his own like this:
I came across some great accessories for boys rooms, I love the Cath Kidston cowboys print which you can buy bedding, cushions, wallpaper and towels or buy the fabric yourself and make your own bits. 
I also found this vibrant cloud curtain:
There is also bedding and wallpaper in this cloud pattern.

The orange used in this bedroom looks great:
I found this on an American site but found similar robot bedding (see below) which you could add an orange quilt to like the room above:
Of course I like to look for some vintage bits to add, I often see vintage desks and chairs when out thrifting. Here is a great vintage desk:
I also came across a great website Molly Meg that sell some truly individual vintage and modern furniture for kids and retro toys too. I love this red 70's chair:
If you have any great websites or your very own inspring boys rooms please share!

Love Lemon x


  1. We have literately just finished my boys room and I must say I really struggled to get away from blue! Or to find anything inspirational! In the end we went for red, white, grey and black which reminds me of the 80's!! My son loves it though and he would really like some space invador stickers to finish it off. Very retro! Love the robot bedding and vintge desk :)

  2. It's so hard isn't it?! I just don't want all pastel colours. I like the sound of the slightly 80's inspired colours in your boys room, I do love red. You can buy black/grey space invaders too x

  3. Brilliant post and I love a lot of the ideas you've posted. I have similar ideas for both my boys rooms.
    I am somehow hoping to put their names on the walls. I have two ideas, just trying to work out which one would look best (wooden letters, base colour painted by me then let them go mad with paint and glitter to jazz them up, or mini canvases with hand and foot prints and a letter written on each on top of the hand/foot print) x

  4. Both really nice ideas! You can buy cardboard letters in Hobbycraft and I really like these bright letters

    Or these wooden letters

    Let me know what you decide.
    I still can't decide which option to choose myself! x

    1. Ooooo those bright ones are fantastic. Thanks for that link, bookmarked ;-) x

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