Wednesday 7 March 2012

Vintage Pyrex


Sorry to have been so quiet on the blog and twitter. I have been keeping my head down, working hard and getting through some horrible cold months! I feel a lot more on top of things now and feeling a bit desperate to get onto some of the many creative projects I have on the board! It really has been too long.

Firstly I wanted to start with a post about vintage pyrex, I recently picked up these jars which I love inspiring a search into lots of different designs and collections out there on the net, I have always been a fan but never managed to get hold of any myself so I was over the moon when I saw these jars in a local charity shop:

I found this very similar Sugar jar in an Etsy shop:
I also spotted these on Etsy:
There are some great collections out there, especially as these amazing colourful pieces are hard to come by, this collection is great. I love the lemon juice jug!
I hope to have some brightly coloured and quirky patterned dishes myself one day. 
Please share your finds and links if you have a similar interest!

It would be great to hear from you.

Love Lemon x


  1. Welcome back! I've been missing your posts. Hope you're getting on well with everything now and work is good. It will soon be spring, longer days, nice temperatures :)

    I love these by the way, they totally reminded me of both my grandmas' kitchens

  2. Thanks, that's lovely of you to say! Definitely getting on better juggling things and SO looking forward to the spring and spending more time outside.

    It's so nice that these bright, pretty dishes cause so much nostalgia! Love it x

  3. I adore Pyrex and I love those jars. Great find :)

  4. The cold months make me hide in my shell too, when the sun returns so does my motivation! Love the pyrex, I only have 1 dish that was my Mums but I am on the look out in charity shops for more!

  5. I definitely have more energy and feel creative when the better weather and lighter evenings start. I have seen a few pyrex dishes recently but nothing that I really loved x