Wednesday 28 March 2012

Tea in the Garden

I hope you have all been enjoying the sunshine this week. I always feel like I have to get out as much as possible before it goes away again!
Today I spent the morning taking some photos of my tea cup and saucer collection out in the garden. Some of these I just have the cup and saucer and others I have the whole set. I like to mix and match and buy different bits and pieces, old and new.

This set used to be my mums, it always reminds me of when I was a kid as we had all the plates and bowls.

This is my favourite, I have 6 cups and saucers, a sugar bowl, milk jug and little cake plates, the colours are so bright in this very pretty vintage pattern, I bought these from a charity shop a few years ago.
This is my espresso cup, I bought 2 of these in Rome when me and my husband took a trip there.
I use my Le Creuset mugs and teapot for everyday, I have a few matching things in this colour.
I'm always on the look out for more pretty cups and saucers to add to my collection.

Enjoy the sunshine!

Please share below any similar collections you have, I would love to see them.

Also, check out my Tea and Cake Pinterest board.

Love Lemon x


  1. I am a huge fan of cups and saucers, and of mugs... so much so that I am not allowed to buy anymore. I have mugs I like for coffee, mugs I like for tea (don't give me tea in one of my coffee mugs), a million espresso cups and saucers, a set of four cups and saucers that I only like using for afternoon coffee with cinnamon sprinkled on it. Yes, I am weird but to me it's one of life's little pleasures.

    I especially love the third one down.

  2. Brilliant! It is a pleasure. I could have tea and cake every afternoon!

    It's such a lovely blue that one.