Wednesday 25 May 2016

Vintage Find of the Week

No of course I don't NEED this footstool but goodness I wanted it. So retro and cool. I picked it up at a local shop for a tenner. I was pretty chuffed. I scrubbed it clean and stuck the fluffy cover in the washing machine. I can't decide whether to dye the cover, make a new one or keep it as is. 

I love nothing more than finding individual bits and pieces, things that I love that add character to our home.

This room isn't exactly how I want it just yet. We use this room as a hallway and dining room (when we have lots of people). We have storage under the stairs so I try to stash things out of the way. I wanted to create a little chilled out corner/reading nook next to the record player and bookshelves. Its a nice place to sit and looks out into the garden.

It's a good idea if you are still working out what to do with a room to focus on an area/corner or a piece of furniture in the room to start with and work from there. 

What are your finds of the week?

Love Lemon x

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