Wednesday 20 April 2016

Bathroom, the beginning.....

My last experience with some window film was some very flimsy sticky stuff that I cut and stuck myself onto our then paper thin sash windows, it was not easy and didn't look all that great either. However for the bathroom window in our new house window film seemed like the very best option to let maximum light in but we needed complete privacy from the street. So I thought and hoped it would be a better experience and decided to try The Window Film Company. Then I discovered they had lots of really lovely patterns to choose from including designs by Mini Modern and MissPrint. I was definitely sold. I measured my windows and then measured them again to be sure and ordered the sizes I needed for each window panel.

I am so happy with how it looks and how easy it was to put up and so far no complaints from the neighbours for indecent exposure! 

I especially love how this has changed my rather boring window with a blind into pattern and light. My husband added a shelf into the reveal of the window for some plants. We have SO much more to do but for now it's nice to start on some of the smaller ideas I've had.

I promise to show more of the bathroom as we do more.

Love Lemon x

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