Friday 24 July 2015

Garden Update

As a family a garden is important, particularly in the summer months. I love the size of this garden as it feels like a good space but not too much to look after, I will admit that gardening is not my thing so I am always seeking advice from family on what to do. So taking on a garden project ourselves was a challenge. We spend a lot of time outside and enjoy BBQs so it was important for us to make our outside space work for us and the existing garden just wasn't what we had in mind.

Our new garden had lots of mature plants and a lot of thought had gone into each one. However we had no grass for the boys to play on and lots of sharp plants around, we couldn't even see the decking at the back. We spent a lot of time working through ideas and planning.
We made a decision on a shed size and where it should go and got it set up in the corner of the garden. We decided to keep the decking at the back of the garden but removed the side steps to make space for the shed. We then got to work clearing the plants from the garden. 
Over quite a few weeks we cleared stones, bricks, plants and some huge roots. We gave away lots of plants and stones through our local free cycle.

We then had to clear the soil and turn it over before putting down topsoil. Then it was time to lay the new grass. It's not something we have done before and we are not gardeners so we did some research and then ordered the turf when we were ready to go. It was relatively easy to lay and then it was just a case of keeping the boys off it and watering it lots.

The difference once we had laid the lawn was amazing. I had imagined the space but not imagined the view from the kitchen. It was so lovely to look out and see it looking so green and I liked being able to see the decking and pot plants too.

We kept a holly tree and of course the beautiful palm tree and the surrounding path with beds to the side. We are adding more pots and have cleared a raised bed behind the decking which has a beautiful old stone wall.

We also kept a circular patio by the double doors from the kitchen and we have an old bench we are going to fix up and paint for that area where the sun hits early in the morning.

We painted the decking and the shed and bought an outdoor table and chairs. 
I am so happy with the end result, we spend so much time out there.

Love Lemon x


  1. love love love it! You're so lucky to have had such a beautiful mature tree, and I love the idea of painting up the shed in such a cheerful colour. We'll (hopefully) be doing up our own garden before too long so thanks for the inspiration!

  2. I'm so glad you like it. We are enjoying sunny days again out there. Still feel proud at what we managed to do! I hope you got your garden looking fab x

  3. Hi I have just come upon your blog. I love it and your style. I am applying for a job in Eye Suffolk and wanted to ask what are the best beaches to visit. We have been talking about moving to Suffolk for so long and now we might get the chance. We know Norfolk much better then Suffolk. I came across your blog whilst looking for knitting, sewing and craft groups in Suffolk as this is something I would love to do.