Monday 11 November 2013

Pop of Colour

On these gloomy cold days I am often inspired by bright colours. I was recently inspired by this image from Rigby and Mac of their giant yellow angelpoise light.
I started to think of other ways to add that statement of colour. I found this amazing freestanding fireplace that was sold by an Etsy seller:
Stand out in the street with a colourfully painted front door like this one.
A bright sunny yellow fireplace
I am desperate to paint the chairs in my kitchen to add some colour, these look great:
How about adding a neon border to add some colour.
A colourful armchair can warm up a neutral lounge:
Something as simple as colouful cushions or a statement lamp or rug can give you that pop of colour.

Love Lemon x


  1. I love colour against a pale background. Some fabulous idea's there I love that yellow fireplace that looks amazing. I have painted my 1950's kitchen chairs all different colours and I love them. dee x

    1. Thanks Delia, I really like the fireplace too, it looks great just painted inside. I really want to go for a turquoise colour for my kitchen chairs, your sound fab! x

  2. These are beautiful, especially the front door.
    We are redecorating our bedroom next year and will be getting a neutral colour carpet, pale walls and then accessorising with bright coloured items such as cushions. xx

    1. I wish I could do all these things! Your bedroom sounds lovely. It's a great way to add colour, bright bed covers and a throw also work. We have done the same, mostly white and grey with some black and then pops of red here and there to add colour. Let me know how you get on x