Monday 29 July 2013

What's on your Mantelpiece?

One of the things I love most about living in a period property is a fireplace, I like the way it adds focus to a room and to me it feels homely, a place to gather around (rather than the TV!). A fireplace can reveal so much about the history of a house and past owners. I think a mantelpiece can also say a lot about people and their home and style. I personally don't think there are wrong and right ways to display items above a fireplace it's just how it works for you. Some like symmetry and others have a theme and colour. Some people even like to change displays with each season.

I started to think about mantelpieces in homes when I was inspired by users on Instagram that asked everyone to show their mantelpieces. It was interesting to see such a varied collection of treasured items. I am not a fan of clutter but nor do I like the minimalist look, a happy medium I would say.

Here are some of my favourites:
I like the black and white and added bright pink and yellow on this mantelpiece.
I like the bright pink letters below that seem such a contrast to the other items displayed.
The mantel below belongs to Cath Kidston, I like the co-ordination of colours and the artwork displayed.
Featured in Lonny Magazine
Letters are becoming increasingly popular and the mantelpiece seems a perfect place to display them. I like this collection of different styles and sizes.
These two fireplaces are the same but have been styled very differently, the second is my favourite with the collection of lovely vintage mirrors.
Here is my mantelpiece:
I collected colourful vases to match the colours in the painted tile on the opposite side. This tile is a painting of the sand dunes I visited in Brazil when on honeymoon with my husband and the artist painted the tile as we watched. I loved all the sunset colours.

What is on your mantelpiece? 

Love Lemon x

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