Wednesday 16 May 2012

60's Vintage Pyrex

You can imagine my excitement (those fellow vintage Pyrex lovers anyway) when I saw these two dishes in my local charity shop! I love the design and bright colours, different to a lot of the vintage Pyrex patterns I have seen and I was so happy to add to my collection. Now I realise I actually need some display shelves for all these lovely things - oh and a bigger house!

The dishes were in their original box:
I took them to the counter and the lady told me that a gentlemen had brought them into the shop recently after clearing his garage. He said they had been a wedding gift for him and his wife who have been married for 47 years!!! They have NEVER been used. What a great story to go with a vintage find like this. I am happy to get them out of hiding!

I am still deciding where these beauties should go:
In the 1960's a company called J A Jobling produced this 'Harvest' design Pyrex dishes, making a change from the clear cookware. So this would of been a very new and modern piece of cookware for the newly married couple.

Love Lemon x


  1. wow they are gorgeous, a great find and what a fab story.

    {Dab and a dash.}

  2. Thanks both! I am so pleased with this little find!

  3. Oh wow! I love vintage pyrex! These are gorgeous and what a lovely story behind them...such treasures x

  4. Oh those are just lovely - such a sweet story behind them and they are pristene too! They must be a pretty rare find. You lucky lady!!

  5. Thanks! I feel lucky finding them. They still have the Pyrex sticker on the dish!