Monday 7 May 2012

Auction - April

Last week I visited the auction rooms for a browse, I saw lots of lovely items for sale, here are a few things I spotted:

These horse carts were so lovely!
Lots of vintage enamel tins, pots and jugs.
Sewing machine! I wish I had the space to collect these, so beautiful.
This vintage picnic set is so pretty. I love the cases they come in too.

I wasn't looking to bid on anything really but I did find a solid oak bedside table perfect for our bedroom, it just needed a clean up and a new handle and it cost me £2! I love going to the auction rooms, even just to have a look. The pieces of furniture and items being sold can be so varied with many gorgeous vintage pieces and some random things too!

Love Lemon x


  1. Oh I love those enamel pots! I saw exactly the same picnic case in a local charity shop yesterday, same plates and cutlery as well.

  2. Hi Linzi. Aren't they great! I saw a few more enamel pots and jugs over the weekend in a great local shop too! How much was the picnic set going for? I'm not actually sure how much it went for at auction.