Wednesday 18 April 2012

A rainy Wednesday....

What a miserable day. I am stuck indoors with my little boy who is getting more bored by the minute, anyway it's nearly dinner time and he always likes to help me cook.

Yesterday afternoon I took a few photos of some new bits and pieces, here they are...

I bought these for a few quid in a charity shop, I really like the shape and colour and might look for some nice candles to go in them.
A very nice friend of mine Ruby bought me these for my birthday on Monday.
I absolutely love these drawer handles, I have been looking for some handles for a long time, I had some plain round brass handles on the drawers (see here) which my mum bought me when I was 10 years old and when I got older I always took these drawers with me wherever I lived, I have always wanted to find some handles that were just right. I spotted these in the shop at Snape Maltings and knew they would look perfect.

Love Lemon x

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