Monday 23 January 2012

Sewing: A fabric purse

Hello, thanks again to everyone who started following this blog using the google 'join this site' button just on the right bar. It's so nice to see the people that are interested and reading my blog!

I have been a busy bee since my competition getting into the swing of working from home and looking after my toddler. I have also been doing my granny square a day for 2012. I will blog about that at the end of January, it's nice to see all the lovely squares stacking up. I am starting to picture my blanket and working through different colours and patterns as it takes shape.

I recently made a little purse. I had a few cute gifts for my niece for her birthday, ice cream lip balm and little owl rubbers and a star bracelet and I wanted to make a little something to put them in and came up with this very simply made purse. I thought I would share this with you....

1. Cut out a house type shape template using paper or pattern paper. Make sure the square is an exact square, you can do whatever measurement you like depending on the size you want your purse to be.
2. Draw around your template out of your chosen fabric twice using fabric pencils or taylors chalk. I used different colours for the inside and outside of the purse. Then cut out using pinking shears if you have them to avoid fraying and leave 1cm around the edges. Then pin the 2 pieces of fabric together with the fronts of the fabric facing each other.
3. Sew along the lines drawn from your template leaving about a 5cm gap at the bottom to turn it inside out.
4. Turn the right way out through the gap you have left and press flat. Then hand stitch the gap closed. I do hidden stitches for this, there is a great tutorial on the Taffy Talk blog for this.
5. Fold the square part of your fabric in half leaving the triangle at the top. Pin in place.
6. Stitch along the side and then add a snap fastener.
7. All done!

Love Lemon x


  1. fantastic! you make it all look so simple x

  2. Good! I was hoping the photos and step by step guide were easy to follow and it really isn't that hard! I promise xx