Monday 5 May 2014

Bedroom Styling

It's almost a year since we moved into our rented house. It's been a great year living by the seaside, making new friends and making our house a home. I feel very happy here and look forward to many more years here. To be honest I'm not sure I could leave the sea now. We were lucky enough to find a great house to rent here with a lovely garden and our boys seem very happy. There are still a few things I would like to do in the house, I need some large prints for the living room and pictures and bunting for the playroom. 

I did some styling and took some photographs in our bedroom one morning and was pleased how the shots came out. I would love to do a lot more of this but for now will have to keep practising in my own home.

What do you think?

I recently painted our bedside tables in a slate grey colour, I bought mismatched bedside tables and wanted to paint them the same colour. I am really pleased with how they look. 

Have you been taking any photos of the rooms in your home?

Love Lemon x


  1. I'm always very jealous of your IG snaps of life next to the sea - you are living my dream!! I love your bedroom too - great dressing table and your rabbit print duvet rocks!! X

    1. Ha! Thanks. To be honest I am living my dream too and still can't believe it! Got to love the fun prints by Anorak, so retro, bright and fun x