Monday 14 November 2011

Vintage Art

I was first introduced to vintage travel posters and artwork when my uncle gave me 2 postcards of Whitley Bay, a beach town near Newcastle where I spent some of my childhood and where some of my family still live. I love the use of such vibrant colours and graphical elements. The artwork was produced in the 1950's for British Railway attracting people to visit Whitley Bay.

I found more vintage posters like these available and so many were in an Art Deco style. A style I have always found inspiring for it's simplicity and graphical looking pattern. I used an Art Deco pattern for my wedding stationary, simple and elegant.
Essex born Peter Kelly produced many colourful cityscape posters 

I love the idea of using this vintage art in the home, having posters of places you have visited that hold special memories. I found most of the prints I like at in a range of sizes, they have a large collection of Vintage Art to choose from.

Love Lemon x

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