Tuesday 25 November 2014

An Evening with the Dulux Mixlab

I was very excited to attend an evening learning about the new Dulux Mixlab with a talk from Joanna Thornhill whose book Home for Now really inspired me. I am no expert when it comes to choosing colours, putting colours together and knowing exactly what it is I need to buy. I simply know what I like and I guess the rest. The new Dulux Mixlab looked a little daunting at first but once explained it was actually really simple. The wall of colour was split into cool, warm and neutral colours. It so clear to see all the different tones you can work with when picking your key colour.

found it particularly useful to see the harmonising colours simply by looking at the colours either side of your key colour. However the ones I liked most were the contrasting colours which were slightly more dramatic in effect and can be found by skipping along 2 colour blocks. There are such a range of tones that mean you can decide how bold you go! 

Another amazing feature is the scanner, you can take an item into store that you love the colour of and scan it. I took in a vintage cake plate with a bright turquoise flower design. I just loved the bright colour and wanted to add it to my kitchen. Joanna helped me match the colour and we looked at harmonising and contrast colours. I decided on bright turquoise furniture paint to update my dining table and chairs and a bright yellow lampshade for above the table.

All the functions and examples of finish are clear for you to choose. For example I had no idea that you could buy hardwearing paint for hallways for knocks and scrapes. Having 2 boys I think I may need to decorate my whole house in the stuff!!

There is a great video here that explains things in much more detail.

Another option to help with your decorating is to use the new Dulux Visualizer App which actually allows you to see the colour on your walls! I am very excited about this as I think sometimes its so hard to visualise things particularly if you are going for something very different or bold and feel a bit scared of making a big change. You just point your camera and pick a colour. Such a great idea! I have been all over my house adding colour! 

Anything can inspire colours and schemes but its not always easy to know where to go from there. Putting colours that work together can seem daunting so its nice to know you can use this Mixlab to try things out and have some guidance. 

Look out for my paint project coming soon! I can't wait to get started. Thanks to Homebase and Dulux for a fab, colourful evening!

Love Lemon x

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