Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Fever Trousers

Trousers you say?! Yes, I chose trousers over all those gorgeous Fever dresses. I was curious and just couldn't get the print out of my head. Based on a tile design these trousers look great for daytime or evening. I wore them with heels and flats, a plain t-shirt and they look best with red nails and lips.

With the weather cooling these trousers feel like a much better option to getting those jeans and tights on just yet. 

Love Lemon x

Thank you to Fever for these trousers. Please note as always the thoughts above are my own.

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

Styling the Seasons - September

I really love this idea of styling a corner of your home for the season that was introduced by Katy from Apartment Apothecary and Charlotte from Lotts and Lots. This is a sideboard in my kitchen that I like to re organise with the seasons and sometimes when I just fancy a change.

I decided on some darker colours for September with the deep green runner, purple flowers and newly acquired dark blue vintage coffee pot. I often collect a lot more bits on here but its a new chapter for us and a school start for our little boy and it felt like we needed to clear some bits and make space.

Please share your #stylingtheseasons below, I would love to see them.

Love Lemon x

Emery Dress + Liberty

I completed my 2nd dressmaking course at The Felixstowe Sewing School and chose a vintage inspired dress pattern which was a little more complicated than my first simple shift dress including a gathered skirt, pockets and a lined bodice. I was looking forward to making something different but also excited about trying the pattern by independent pattern designer Christine Haynes. After looking at so many gorgeous patterns I chose the Emery dress.

I absolutely love this dress. I made some alterations to the bodice and decided on a combination of short sleeves and a collar and I just love that it has pockets. I am thrilled with the Liberty fabric and contrasting red collar. I have worn it so much. I really do need to make another. A great dress to wear with tights and a cardigan in the winter too.

What do you think?

Please excuse my poor modelling skills!

I would love to hear about your dressmaking if you want to add a link below.

Love Lemon x

Monday, 22 September 2014

September Sun

I hope you all had a great summer, it’s been especially nice to see some September sun here too. My 4 year old has now started school and we are all settling into the new routine. It has been a busy summer visiting friends and family and generally keeping my boys entertained, thank god for the beach at the end of the road! This has meant the blog posts have been a little lacking lately. I have missed blogging but it has been nice to just focus on my family and enjoying some time with the boys.

Here are a few photos from our summer:
I think the highlights for me were an amazing trip to Ireland to see friends and their new baby girl, some great days at the beach with the boys and their cousins, a visit from our friends from Manchester, a beer festival with my brothers and a girly weekend with my friends to Cambridge.

Love Lemon x

Saturday, 5 July 2014

Beside the Seaside

Welcome to my first ever room makeover, which I am very excited about!

Recently, I have felt inspired by a few things, one of which is living by the sea – how beautiful it can be and how happy it makes me. Another is Joanna Thornhill’s book Home for Now, which is full of inspiring ideas that you can read more about here. It made me think about my rented home and how when renting there is a certain limit to what you can do. But this shouldn’t stop people from making it their own.

Our spare room was best described as a dumping ground with a bed. It was where all our odd bits of furniture ended up. We are so lucky to have lots of family and friends that come to stay with us and we love it – it’s been amazing to have the space to put people up. So I wanted to make this guestroom into something special. It’s a great room at the top of the house with a small balcony. It has a dark navy blue wall, which I decided was the perfect backdrop for a nautical, beach theme inspired by the sea at the end of the road! It’s all about working with what you have – if life gives you lemons and all that!!

So, first have a look at the room before (I always love this bit):
And here is the room now:
I have been working through ideas for the past few months. First, I sanded back the orangey pine on the rocking chair and repainted it white – I love how it looks now. The bedside table was something I found outside someone’s house when we lived in London. I really liked the shape of the legs and it was a good solid wooden table but it looked as though someone had started a DIY makeover that they never finished. Rather than paint it, I decided to add a sheet of glass on the top and put pictures underneath of beaches we have visited – I used postcards and old railway poster prints. I filled an old vase with stones and shells that our family have collected over the years from various beaches. After some searching, I finally found some old wooden boat oars from a local couple that I scrubbed clean and revived with some linseed oil. As most of you will know, I love old and new together and I feel this room satisfies my obsession!

I found the cushions, throw, artwork and storage box all at Tesco, which has a great seaside living range and they also have some great interior ideas on their Tesco Living site.

Have you recently completed a room makeover? Or do you have a nautical room of your own? I would love to hear from you.

Love Lemon x

Please note that Tesco kindly gifted items for my makeover. All thoughts are of course my own.

Thursday, 19 June 2014

Lemon Loves #2

So what are my loves at the moment, well to start with I have really enjoyed catching up on lots of blogs recently and following some great sewing bloggers since completing a dressmaking course in March. I particularly enjoy the Dolly Clackett blog featuring so many amazing dresses in such a variety of brilliant fabrics. I have also enjoyed reading Randomly Happy, Tilly and the Buttons, This Blog is Not For You and What Katie Sews. A whole new world of handmade for me and so many inspiring ideas. I would be grateful for any recommendations for dressmaking blogs. 

A few weekends back I was in London catching up with some friends which was so lovely, we had food and cocktails in Brixton village which I have wanted to do for a while after so many people had told me about it. So much amazing food to choose from, we went for Tapas which we all really enjoyed. I also popped into ED which is a Rigby and Mac store in East Dulwich, it's near where I used to live and I always loved popping in to browse all the colourful and quirky homeware. I bought some great rustic wall letters that are made from old boat wood. A fab addition to the growing collection of items on my hallway wall. 

I started another dressmaking course at Felixstowe Sewing School and I am so excited to be making the Emery dress by Christine Haynes. I really wanted to try an independent pattern this time and did lots of research, checking out all the amazing pattern designers out there. For me the Emery dress was the perfect style and I found some very pretty Liberty fabric at Clothkits who were also offering 25% off at the time. I haven't actually ever bought Liberty fabric so it feels very special to be using some for this dress.
Sun and more sun, it's times like these when I truly appreciate living by the sea. I have been out on my bike with the kids and we have loved sunny trips to the beach. 

There are many things I love about where we live, it's mostly about the beach and friendly people but also smaller things that make me happy like fresh bread from the tiny bakers around the corner that sells the most amazing bread. You can't beat fresh bread and this seeded loaf is my favourite.
I am working on giving my guest room a little makeover, so hopefully I will be sharing that very soon. It's very exciting putting it all together.

Love Lemon x

Tuesday, 27 May 2014

Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill

I hope many of you have had sunshine where you are; it has been so lovely here and actually hot. I had a rare afternoon to myself and took a trip to the beach on my bike with a copy of Home for Now by Joanna Thornhill.
Renting a flat or house for me does not mean it cannot be made into a home – we have rented different homes during the past four years and have always looked for properties we felt we could make our own. I was really looking forward to reviewing this book, which is packed full of homes from first-time buyers or renters. None of these places are forever homes but this has not stopped the people living there from creating a place that is truly theirs.
There are so many colourful and interesting homes to really inspire. I had to keep making notes of things I wanted to do and ideas that popped into my head for my own home. Throughout the book, there are clear instructions on how to create the look yourself and in a less permanent way for those renting.
I particularly liked the idea for reusing pieces of furniture in different rooms and for different purposes – the idea being that things don’t need to be thrown away but can be changed or moved to fit somewhere else.
However much we try to avoid it, most of us have a lot of ‘stuff’ and storage is essential. Home for Now gives ideas on storage for each and every room, making the most of all available space no matter how small and even making a feature of it.
This headboard was created so cheaply and has such a dramatic impact.
The charm of mismatched furniture and different textures, materials and colours really appealed to the particular style I like. I often wonder if my own style of vintage pieces matched with bright colours is due to living in lots of different homes and working with a neutral backdrop – meaning I added colour with accessories and interest with vintage.
Two areas that I was pleased to see covered in the book were indoor plants and outside spaces. I have never been amazing with plants and gardening but I am getting better and have chosen a few plants for my home and would like to add more. I now have lots more ideas on how to display house plants and also how to add colour and outdoor areas to my garden. 

These wicker chairs look perfect in this bay window surrounded by plants.

This is definitely a book I will keep going back to for inspiration and ideas. Home for Now is published by CICO books and available from Amazon.

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Love Lemon x

Please note: Home for Now was sent to me for review but all thoughts are my own.