Wednesday, 25 May 2016

Vintage Find of the Week

No of course I don't NEED this footstool but goodness I wanted it. So retro and cool. I picked it up at a local shop for a tenner. I was pretty chuffed. I scrubbed it clean and stuck the fluffy cover in the washing machine. I can't decide whether to dye the cover, make a new one or keep it as is. 

I love nothing more than finding individual bits and pieces, things that I love that add character to our home.

This room isn't exactly how I want it just yet. We use this room as a hallway and dining room (when we have lots of people). We have storage under the stairs so I try to stash things out of the way. I wanted to create a little chilled out corner/reading nook next to the record player and bookshelves. Its a nice place to sit and looks out into the garden.

It's a good idea if you are still working out what to do with a room to focus on an area/corner or a piece of furniture in the room to start with and work from there. 

What are your finds of the week?

Love Lemon x

Tuesday, 17 May 2016

The Most Finished Room in the House (still not finished)

I don't know about you but it sure is taking me a while to feel like much is finished around here. I suppose it would be ok if I didn't have the urge to change absolutely EVERYTHING. Also if I had a lot of cash then I might not be over a year down the line and still feeling like I have a massive list of jobs to be done and furniture to be bought.

The thing is when interior design is a huge love of yours its hard to settle. When we moved into this house nothing was really done how I would of done it myself. We did a lot of painting and freshening up before we moved in and after living here we then moved bits around to suit the way we live. Its actually a really good idea to just live somewhere for a few months or more before making decisions on new furniture and where things should go.

It was interesting to me to see how we use the spaces in this house. For example, we have a dining room but as the kitchen is such a sunny, warm room we always want to eat in there so we replaced the smaller kitchen table with a bigger table and it works a lot better.

The living room is the room that feels the most completed. I would like to replace the sofa in the bay window and get some shutters but for now its looking so much cosier than when we first moved in. I have added a new throw and cushion to freshen the old sofa for now until we can replace it.

I LOVE colour in my home. In this room I have pops of colour in the cushions, pictures, throw and a few other accessories. I stuck to yellow, orange, green and turquoise. All very vibrant colours that work together with the neutral grey on the walls, the dark brown sofa and the black and white patterned rug.

This room is now the perfect place to hang out as a family and watch movies in the evening.

I am especially pleased with my copper lamp from Made and pop art sunset picture (Roy Lichtenstein). I got both for my birthday and I think they are perfect additions to add vintage style and colour to this room.

I hope you enjoyed the tour, please share your links if you have recently blogged about your own room updates. I would love to check them out.

Love Lemon x

Wednesday, 20 April 2016

Bathroom, the beginning.....

My last experience with some window film was some very flimsy sticky stuff that I cut and stuck myself onto our then paper thin sash windows, it was not easy and didn't look all that great either. However for the bathroom window in our new house window film seemed like the very best option to let maximum light in but we needed complete privacy from the street. So I thought and hoped it would be a better experience and decided to try The Window Film Company. Then I discovered they had lots of really lovely patterns to choose from including designs by Mini Modern and MissPrint. I was definitely sold. I measured my windows and then measured them again to be sure and ordered the sizes I needed for each window panel.

I am so happy with how it looks and how easy it was to put up and so far no complaints from the neighbours for indecent exposure! 

I especially love how this has changed my rather boring window with a blind into pattern and light. My husband added a shelf into the reveal of the window for some plants. We have SO much more to do but for now it's nice to start on some of the smaller ideas I've had.

I promise to show more of the bathroom as we do more.

Love Lemon x

Tuesday, 15 March 2016

Kitchen Colour

As usual things have been busy around here. I have 2 boys so let's face it there isn't going to be too many dull moments. Christmas and the start of a new year all flying by and here we are in March! At the start of this year I began to think about this blog and whether it was something I should keep doing and find the time to do more. I love blogging but it can be hard to fit in on a regular basis. However this blog along with Pinterest, Instagram and my scrapbook are all such great places to fill with ideas and inspiration.

Ages ago I was invited along to a talk by Interior Stylist and writer Joanna Thornhill who with Dulux talked through how to choose colours for our homes. You can read about that here.

A few of us bloggers attending were asked to bring some colour inspiration and a project in mind that we could discuss. I chose to take a vintage tea cup that had the most amazing turquoise blue colour. I decided it would be an amazing colour for my table legs and chairs in my kitchen. 

Ok so it's taken me a long time to do this but since then I have moved house and my kitchen table has changed but I still loved the idea of using this blue colour that was provided by the lovely people at Dulux. 

So here it is. A very small change to this table. It was once untreated wood and used as a desk but I cleaned it up, varnished the top and then added the blue. I love the pops of colour appearing in our kitchen. We use this table so much as its in our sunny kitchen and such a nice place to hang out.

A close up of my inspiration for the colour from my vintage tea set:
These chairs were £3 each from a charity shop. I cleaned them up and added new seat pads which I recovered in a matt oilcloth so they could be easily cleaned. You can see the chair legs before they were painted here too.

I hope that the promise of Spring is inspiring some of you to get painting!

Love Lemon x

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Sunny Home

Before I begin with any autumn/winter inspiration posts mainly featuring cosy blankets (I love cosy blankets) I just wanted to show some appreciation for the September/October sunshine.

It's been nice to still be able to have the back door open and sunshine streaming in and lots of trips to the beach.

We have been living in our home for 7 months now and I could still write you a list of things I want to do but we have been slowly getting new bits and changing things as we live in the house. Here are a few things we have added.

As you can see these are mainly small additions and changes. We have added pictures, rugs, curtains and light fittings which for me all make it that little bit more ours. We had some really old light fittings that I couldn't wait to take down. I was especially happy to see my yellow pendant from Habitat go up that I actually bought before we moved! There are a few rooms still waiting for the perfect light fittings. I like to take my time with each room and shop around. At the moment I am struggling to find the perfect light for the stairway. Our next big project will be our bathroom which I have lots of ideas for. 

For now I am going to enjoy our home and family time. 

Love Lemon x

Friday, 24 July 2015

Garden Update

As a family a garden is important, particularly in the summer months. I love the size of this garden as it feels like a good space but not too much to look after, I will admit that gardening is not my thing so I am always seeking advice from family on what to do. So taking on a garden project ourselves was a challenge. We spend a lot of time outside and enjoy BBQs so it was important for us to make our outside space work for us and the existing garden just wasn't what we had in mind.

Our new garden had lots of mature plants and a lot of thought had gone into each one. However we had no grass for the boys to play on and lots of sharp plants around, we couldn't even see the decking at the back. We spent a lot of time working through ideas and planning.
We made a decision on a shed size and where it should go and got it set up in the corner of the garden. We decided to keep the decking at the back of the garden but removed the side steps to make space for the shed. We then got to work clearing the plants from the garden. 
Over quite a few weeks we cleared stones, bricks, plants and some huge roots. We gave away lots of plants and stones through our local free cycle.

We then had to clear the soil and turn it over before putting down topsoil. Then it was time to lay the new grass. It's not something we have done before and we are not gardeners so we did some research and then ordered the turf when we were ready to go. It was relatively easy to lay and then it was just a case of keeping the boys off it and watering it lots.

The difference once we had laid the lawn was amazing. I had imagined the space but not imagined the view from the kitchen. It was so lovely to look out and see it looking so green and I liked being able to see the decking and pot plants too.

We kept a holly tree and of course the beautiful palm tree and the surrounding path with beds to the side. We are adding more pots and have cleared a raised bed behind the decking which has a beautiful old stone wall.

We also kept a circular patio by the double doors from the kitchen and we have an old bench we are going to fix up and paint for that area where the sun hits early in the morning.

We painted the decking and the shed and bought an outdoor table and chairs. 
I am so happy with the end result, we spend so much time out there.

Love Lemon x

Tuesday, 24 March 2015

1 Shade of Grey

Here are the promised snaps of our new living room. 

We still have lots we would like to do, as you can see we have lots of bare walls. I am trying to decide where to put pictures and I have my eye on the perfect shelves for one of the alcoves. I am pleased with how it is taking shape. 
The grey walls look so different in different lights.
We absolutely love the 'steel grey 2' colour we chose from Dulux, its a perfect neutral colour. We have then added our colourful pieces and some wicker and wood to soften the slate around the wood burner. We plan to add more colours on the wall with our pictures and I am also planning to add some shelves for more of our vintage treasures. 

50 Shades of Grey seems to have brought out a new found love for the actual colour! Its a great choice for a neutral backdrop and there are so many shades to choose from. 

I really like the grey sheepskin rug and cosy blanket that add some texture and comfort to the room. I really don't think you can have enough blankets. 

What do you think?

Love Lemon x

please note that the paint was given to me by Dulux, all thoughts are my own.